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Multi Sensory Centre

About Us

Aspace2 Multisensory centre is a registered charity based near Eglinton, outside of Derry City.

Aspace2 offers supported Multisensory facilities to children and young people from birth, we are happy to accept bookings for children who are currently under assessment.

Aspace2 Ms centre was developed by Martina Bell RNLD in 2012, Martina is a registered nurse (Learning disability) and has worked exclusively with children and adults with complex needs, profound and multiple disabilities, and general global developmental delay throughout her career, she specialised in Multisensory teaching in 2000.  She is passionate about all things Multisensory and therefore continues to grow and develop our excellent MS Facilities.

Aspace2 multisensory service functions alongside Aspace2 day Opportunities CIC.

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Who are our guests?

We welcome children, young adults & adults with additional needs who will benefit from multi-sensory stimulation.

Terms and conditions of use.

On your first visit to the service you will be given a full induction by our staff team.

We would politely ask that Parents and carers do not use the suspension equipment during the session, unless supporting their child/young adult (this is to avoid any unnecessary breakages) Breakages should be reported to reception as soon as possible.

Supervision of the children / individuals using the facility is provided by their parent/carer/teacher who is named on the booking request.

All our staff are qualified to administer basic first aid should the need arise and are available to help if required.

We hope you love the centre as much as we do, please do enjoy your session.

Unfortunately, our service does not offer a service to children who do not have additional needs.

New sessions and prices from 1st September 2023

Child open session (max 8)

£15 Per child
Child open session - For children with additional needs who choose to share the centre with others with the support of 1 parent/carer.

Adult open session (max 6)

£15 per adult
Adult (Over 18yrs) open session - For adults with additional needs who choose to share the centre with other adults with the support of 1 parent/carer

Exclusive centre for 1 user (limited availability)

£45 per hour
Exclusive centre for 1 user - For children/adults with additional needs who require exclusive use of the centre due to very specific individual needs. This service is available for 1 person with parents/carers

Exclusive group booking (max 15ch / 8 ad)

£90 per hour
Exclusive group booking - For groups who do not wish to share the centre with other guests

Personal Space 1 user

£15 per hour
Personal Space - For individual guests with additional needs who wish to use an exclusive personal room, facilities include a heated waterbed, Hoist access.

Saturday Party Session (60 mins Multi-sensory & 60 mins Party lounge)

£125 for 10 children (£10 per additional child)
Enjoy your special event with us - access to all 5 rooms plus the use of our party lounge for an hour afterwards, where you can bring your own food and drinks to make your party complete. 
Schools, clubs, community groups contact us to discuss payment by invoice if required.

Multi-sensory studio

Our Multi-sensory studio uses Switch4 technology which enables a person of any
ability to control their environment using their i.e., lights, sounds, and projections,
using switches.
The equipment includes:

• a jumbo bubble tube surrounded by mirrors for additional stimulation
• a colour wash wall for visual stimulation.
• 90” wall projection with personalised projection options
• UV lights for visual stimulation.
• Sound light floor
• Glow line shower
• Fibreoptic shower
• Tactile wall panel
• Infinity tunnel
• Wind machine

Soft play

Our Soft play is beneficial to children and young adults with physical and learning
difficulties because they give the freedom to move around and be challenged in a safe
As well as basic soft play forms, rooms our room includes a wide range of other
equipment to make it even more stimulating.
These include:

• Projectors
• ball pool shower
• activity panels
• an infinity hut
• sound system

These give much greater opportunities for interactivity and learning skills which
inspires the development of Proprioceptive and Vestibular senses.

Multi-sensory gym

Our Sensory gym is fitted with specialized pieces of equipment designed to
stimulate the senses, as well as the vestibular and proprioception systems.
Our equipment improves body awareness, motor skills, communication and social
We have aimed to create a nurturing and inclusive environment for children and
young adults of varying abilities.
Our equipment includes:

• therapy balls
• trampolines
• Various Sensory swings
• Climbing wall
• Deep pressure machine

Immersive space

Our immersive environment is a multi-sensory room that is purposefully designed to transform you into an unfamiliar environment.

The immersive learning environment allows the user to be captivated by the projections around them. This creates a relaxed and calming environment; a particularly important safe space to escape.
Our immersive room can be personalised and altered to reflect users’ needs best. The user can completely relax from the outside world as they engage with their surroundings as they take in the visual scenes, smell new aromas, hear new sounds, and experience colour in a whole new light

Multi-sensory Studio 2 (Phase1)

We are developing our largest multisensory environment, MS2, offering controlled stimulation
and regulation for children and adults with autism, global developmental delay, PMLD and
those with sensory processing disorders.
This new space will offer a totally flexible environment for families, carers, therapists and
Phase 1 offers an interactive Multisensory space consisting of :
• An interactive 65” TV on an adjustable mount offering access to children and adults seated
or side laying
• Projection
• Bubble tube
• Fibre optic shower
• Fibre optic sideglow
• Interactive sound light wall panel
• Swing suitable for wheelchair users

Multi-sensory Personal space

A smaller intimate room for individual use.
This can be used for sensory stimulation or regulation, individual assessment of sensory
abilities, pure relaxation and alternative therapies including aromatherapy, massage,
reiki, and reflexology.
This room has LED lighting and sound system to create different moods, projection, a
heated waterbed and bubble tube.

Explore our spaces

Multi-sensory studio
Soft play
Multi-sensory gym
Immersive space
Multi-sensory Studio 2 (Phase1)
Multi-sensory Personal space

What are Multisensory rooms?

A Multisensory room is a dedicated space that contains sensory equipment to modulate the environment and provide sensory stimulation across different sensory domains. It is an adaptive space as the user or practitioners has full control of the equipment, changing the types and amount of stimulation to meet the user’s needs.

The origins

Sensory rooms were first used in the Netherlands in the 1970s. Two Dutch therapists developed multi-sensory spaces to provide sensory stimulation for people with a learning disability. They called their spaces Snoezelen® room, Snoezelen is currently a trademark for another equipment provider. Sensory rooms vary in size and scope but all contain a variety of sensory equipment that is focused on stimulating the senses, including touch, hearing, sight, smell, vestibular (related to balance and spatial orientation) and proprioception (awareness of the body and its movements).


Some pieces of equipment are immersive or require relatively passive engagement, including room lights, music, or watching a bubble tube. Other equipment require more active engagement to produce sensory stimulation, such as touching panels to turn on lights and sounds, or feeling a surface.


The adaptability of the sensory room means that the user and practitioner have scope to adjust the amount and type of sensory stimulation. Adjustments can be made to both the choice of equipment provided in the room and how the equipment is engaged with.

  • Switch4 is an apple app that enables you to control Mike Ayres Design multi-sensory equipment, turning an iPad into a single large switch or up to nine separate switches with a number of functions to operate a wide range of effects

  • Aspace2 offers hoist access to all Multi-sensory rooms We are a Changing Places approved facility

  • For additional information on all things Multi-sensory we recommend Hirstwood training

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    Frequently asked questions

    9.30am to 5pm (Last session 4pm)

    Sessions are booked by the hour

    Siblings are most welcome to attend our planned family sessions, otherwise, our regular sessions concentrate on the child/adult with additional
    needs only.

    No, we welcome all ages to our centre.

    Our Multisensory Coordinator will cover Health and safety within the rooms then induct you to the multisensory rooms and how you can control the
    equipment using switch 4 technology, or through switching.

    All sessions must be booked in advance.

    No, Aspace2 offers specialist designed Multisensory spaces, designed for those who need it most

    Sessions can be shared or exclusive depending on your individual needs.

    Aspace2 staff offers training in getting the most from your Multisensory visit, please do ask us for further details.